Amphora celeste

Amphora (350 ml)

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350ml Bottle

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Delicate: Explorium Delicate is a blend composed by the following cultivars: Ogliarola and Cellina and Simona. It has a straw-yellow colour with greenish hues. Its aroma is fruity with delicate hints of herbs. When tasted, it gives rise to sweet sensations that evoke the fresh almond and jasmine, with very slightly notes of bitter and spicy which are soft and persistent. Thanks to its balance, is excellent for different courses from cooked to raw..

Harmonious: Explorium Harmonious is a unique blend composed by the following cultivars: Picholine, Ogliarola and Cellina. It shows a green colour with golden shades. Slightly fruity, releases floral notes with scents of almond and laurel. The palate confirms the fresh fragrance notes with the perfectly balanced bitter and spicy tones: complex and pleasant, the herbal tones are sculpted by phenols perfectly molten in the structure, which is perfectly harmonious and balanced. Ideal with salads, fish, and cheese; particularly suitable for all kinds of crudités.


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